Clouds Surround And Breathe

by Haze

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Adrian Williams
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Adrian Williams Out of this world. Loved them when they were fallacies and this is a clear step up. Amazing.
Jeroen Peeters
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Jeroen Peeters Haze is one of those bands that you can't miss out on. Previously known as Fallacies, these guys have mastered the post-rock soundscapes and the hardcore rawness and combined it into something so beautiful, I'll let the music do the talking! Favorite track: i. Like Glass.
poweredbytrust thumbnail
poweredbytrust Downright incredible album. The perfect mix of dark, modern hardcore and post-rock. What makes the difference most for me are the vocals - lyrically and rythmically, there are hardly any other vocalists that grabbed me this hard. Favorite track: ii. Skies Fluctuate And Fall.
Matthew Francis Ittenbach
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Matthew Francis Ittenbach Classic heart-on-sleeve hardcore/emo with the sheer immensity of post-rock. The two blend together seamlessly into an aural heavyweight that still holds onto the beauty within its harsh shell.
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    side A
    I Can't Help But Get Lost

    side B
    i. Like Glass
    ii. Skies Fluctuate And Fall
    iii. Clouds Surround And Breathe

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Recorded, engineered and mastered by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House, March-April 2013. With special thanks to Jim Harding and Joe Spratt.


released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Haze Wolverhampton, UK

a few friends from the midlands

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Track Name: I Can't Help But Get Lost
This is far too much for me. The constant feeling of hoping that the gradual fading of everything will somehow repeat itself to me and I can’t let myself be found until I get to hear that sound, that harmonic resonance that reminds me of your presence. I can’t help but get lost in the darkness of my own thoughts cause it’s these voices that I can hear that leave a ringing in my ears. I don’t know why I find it so much harder to breathe with you counting on me, but I want to know why it’s echoed my mind, why it resonates so harmonically, why I can’t help but get lost in the darkness of my own thoughts. I just hope that it repeats itself, that gradual fading of every thing, that constant feeling of knowing that this is far too much for me.
Track Name: Upheaval
I struggle to find a context that can make sense of what was said, because this inertial thought that’s running through my head is slowly having a strange effect on me, with a lingering sense of deep self-release. Maybe there is a reason behind why my mind is haunted by your voice, with your words echoing in me. Some things are better when they’re kept inside my head, when the words are diverged and the meaning of what I said is lost by this world where my hopeless screams, these empty chords are diluted from the point in which they are saturated. Separate it out from the poisoned phase, then let it desorb from the surface of my mind. It seems to linger, brings upon a daze and I can’t find a way to integrate myself into this process - forming the basis for everything. I cannot think why it is that I fail to derive the reason why I am alive.
Track Name: Morriña
Is there a feeling that is stranger than this echo of silence that’s been ringing my ears for years? Because it’s a sound that I can’t forget. I’ve been thinking about this repetition - how it lingers in my head. I feel like it has been the catalyst. Like a poison you adsorbed to it, you found the process that eliminates the need for everything to be complete and I have this feeling that there’s no reason for the things that I’ve said, there’s no reason why it’s burning holes in my head. I’ve been thinking about this separation and how I can’t distil the abstract concept of this. So take apart this brittle feeling, let it take over the weakest part of me, cause I can hear. I can hear it echo this feeling every time I close my eyes and think of the way it rang and filled my ears. When it fills my ears I have this feeling that I just don’t belong. It’s something that’s haunted me and I can’t escape it. I’ve been thinking about this, but I won’t ever understand why this silence in my ears is something that I have feared, but this is a void that is filled with white noise.
Track Name: Forma
What can I do but look into the blank pages of this book and hope that all of the things that my mind could translate or bring to life would fade away and take with it all that we have said. It just seems so long that we were there and I don’t know why but as I stare into this book, pencil to paper, it feels like it took away from me, that faint feeling. To me, yeh, it feels like it took everything away, everything from me. I wish that I could make you see how time can change what we have made, how time has changed everything.
Track Name: i. Like Glass
I guess that my lack of wanting to be anything but all alone is still haunting my fragile mind. From time to time I can still forget, but shall I tell you why it all went wrong? It’s because I just don’t belong. I just seem to detach myself from everything until I’ve distanced myself and I have nothing left but this sense of hope. This sense of hope that it will come clear - I just can’t ignore that. While holding these words like glass, with a brittle touch I fear that they would pass unnoticed by this world, this world amongst where those thoughts burned, where I can’t help but get lost in these echoed thoughts. I wish that I could just leave this all behind and forget what’s out of sight. Let’s leave this world behind ‘cause I can’t help but get lost in these echoed thoughts. I wish I could escape, but I can’t help but get lost.
Track Name: ii. Skies Fluctuate And Fall
I tried to ignore the noise that distorts the sound, how it came to be and why it is that I cannot see the wind that blows the trees but the way it moves the leaves - it’s a strange thought that I can’t escape. As if the sky were to fluctuate and fall down on us, clouds surround and breathe, in and out, in and out as leaves hit the ground but do they make a sound? I cannot think for a second why it is that this time of year brings upon a daze so fragile that I can barely feel it. I wish that I could return that faint feeling that I once had. I wish those cold, hollow words, those passive thoughts would escape me and my haunted mind, but why is it that I can’t find the reason why I just can’t blur it all out. I wish that I could return that faint feeling that I once had. I wish for those clouds to surround.